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AI is here to stay. From recommendations to what book read next or what movie or tv show watch next to AI Art generated frames to Self-Driving cars. AI is a powerful technology that we do not master yet. It will bring changes for us as mankind which I’m not sure if we are ready for them. Currently, we have problems understanding WHY ai did something and debug and understand why some outcome happened. This not only is problematic to fight biases but also because we will be doing more complicated things with AI. Today I want to share a simple and short slidecast I made to get you thinking about this. This Slidecast was highly inspired by the books: Life 3.0 and HomoDeus. I also recommend you check out this channel Future of Life Institute and Beneficial AI Panel and also Sam Harris TED Talk.

The Video

The Slides


Diego Pacheco

Originally published at on January 20, 2021.

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