Code for Reliability

  • A Data Center(Region) fail
  • A Microservice Instance Fail
  • A machine Fail
  • Timeout Happens
  • Latency increase
  • A service hangs and never returns
  • A service breaks the data protocol and returns dirty results
  • A downstream component fail and that creates issues for your service
  • Lack of internal validations(i,e: expect an email and receives a number)
  • A database call fails: You try to persist but the client/server fails
  • You get wrong input data and your code blows(parsing issues — i.e: json/yaml)
  • A corner case in your code make you fall (untested corner case)
  • You were expecting one exception and another one happens(bad error handling)
  • Some HTTP call timeout and you were not counting on that(i.e lack of retry)



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Diego Pacheco

Diego Pacheco

Brazilian, Software Architect, SWE(Java, Scala, Rust, Go) SOA & DevOps expert, Author. Working with EKS/K8S. (Opinions on my own)