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Hashing is an interesting technique we need to use in standard java solutions such as services and microservices. SHA-256 is a secure hash algorithm for data you want to hash. Often this technique can be used for Passwords or high entropy PII Data. For this blog post, I want to share with you guys how we can create secure hashes in java using SALTS. We will be experimenting with 4 flavors of Hashing(SHA-256) being: Standard Java API, Guava, Apache Commons Codec, and Bouncy Castle. Today we will see a Java video I recorded going through the API. So Let’s get started.




Diego Pacheco

Originally published at on July 25, 2020.

Brazilian, Software Architect, SWE(Java, Scala, Rust, Go) SOA & DevOps expert, Author. Working with EKS/K8S. (Opinions on my own)

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