Java is finally getting interesting again since JDK 8 thats the first time I wish to be using a new JDK in production. I’m really looking forward to JDK 16 and to the future. JDK 15 has lots of interesting things such as Records, Pattern Matching for instanceof, EdDSA algo, Text Blocks, Local classes and interfaces, Sealed classes and interfaces, ZGC, FMA, and much more. So Let’s get started and take a look at a quick video I made to show Java 15 working with Maven and Idea.

The Video

The Code


Diego Pacheco

Originally published at on September 16, 2020.

Brazilian, Software Architect, SWE(Java, Scala, Rust, Go) SOA & DevOps expert, Author. Working with EKS/K8S. (Opinions on my own)