Management: The non-obvious

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Traditional management often sucks. Main because the focus is on control, time management, and micro-management. Plus, traditional management does not learn and just repeats the same process repeatedly and expects different results. I prefer modern incarnations like Coaches or even Engineering Managers. I’m aware that Agile Coaching is a bad word in brazil because of Scams, but it does not mean it is a bad thing — It really depends on the people. People are more attached to managers than you can think. People do not know quite companies, they quite they managers. That’s why management is a super important element of companies culture. Companies are complex. Complexity is everywhere; at the same often people just game the system rather than have complex and systemical thinking. So if you want to change the culture, you need to change management., Today, I would like to cover some non-obvious aspects that can deliver a better culture and, therefore, better solutions and better management. I have recorded a slidecast to convey a bunch of ideas together. These ideas are not my ideas, there are backed by +20 books. So Let’s get started.

The Video

The Slides


Diego Pacheco

Originally published at on February 4, 2021.

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