Memcached with Scala Shade

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Memcached is a powerful and battle-tested key-value store. Netflix is one of the many companies that use Memcached at scale. Memcached has a simple design and yet powerful. Redis is great because of the commands and data structure diversity however Redis is not multi-thread and Memcached is. Thats the biggest advantage of Memcached. Scala, it’s a powerful and complete modern post-functional language for the JVM. Today I want to show how we can use MemcacheD and Scala together using the Shade library. Shade is part of monix which is a functional multi-thread solution. Today I made a video showing how we can use Memcached and shade in Scala using SBT as a build system. So without further due, let’s get started.

The Video

The Code

Originally published at on January 10, 2021.

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