My first book: Building Applications with Scala

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Dear reader, you might miss my post on the last 7 months. I was not posting with the same frequency I was doing before. The reason why it happened is because I was written a book about Scala. I’m here to announce my very first book about building Scala application. The book goes for the basic principle of functional and reactive programming to the most advance scala language ecosystem solutions such as Play Framework, Akka Framework, RxScala and much more. I hope you enjoy the book and hope this book could help you in your career building scalable and modern scale applications.

You can buy the book here:

Cheers, Diego Pacheco

Brazilian Software Architect, Agile Coach, DevOps Practitioner, SOA Expert, Blogger, PS3/PSP/Wii Gamer, Guitarist on spare time, pagodeiro learning cavaco/pandeiro/viola. I Love Functional Programing specially Clojure. Currently Working as Software Architect / Agile Coach with Scala, Akka and NetflixOSS.

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