Property-Based Testing with Jqwik

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Property-Based Testing in a really nice functional programing way todo testing. Originally created at Haskell with QuickCheck. Today there are frameworks for pretty much all languages. Jqwik is a property-based testing framework for java. Property-based Testing is cool because you focus on a predicate / boolean expression and forget about inputs. When I say forget about, thats happen because the property based testing takes care to generate all possible inputs for you and you can save lots of typing, creating uses cases. You still need to work in your property/assertions however you end up writing much less code and cover a much wider range of possible inputs. Today I want to share a video I made about it, so let’s get started.




Diego Pacheco

Originally published at on July 25, 2020.

Brazilian, Software Architect, SWE(Java, Scala, Rust, Go) SOA & DevOps expert, Author. Working with EKS/K8S. (Opinions on my own)

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