Re-write or Strangler

The Context

Engineering means making mistakes. No matter if is new tech or old tech. No matter if the tech is mature and has plenty of documentation and thats is true because people come and go, is impossible to just have senior staff at all times.

Strangler Pros/Cons

Strangler in a nutshell: Have a Contract(Service interface — i.e REST with gRPC) and start migrating code to use that interface and stop accessing database tables directly. Sounds simple but in practicality is hard, specially on the following secnarios:

Re-write Pros/Cons

Re-write give you unique opportunities, in some sense, it could be much easier since you are not trapped by the past tech debts and have a chance to approach problems with different languages, frameworks, libs, and have better architecture and infrastructure. Re-write is also a big talent magnet. However, the business might not think the same way.

How to Move Forward

This is complicated but I believe these are actions you can take in order to move forward and navigate in these complex and turbulent waters, you can move forward by:



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