Running a rich Microservice constellation(Scala, Java, Go, Python and Rust) in Kubernetes

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Languages have trade-offs like any solution in tech. Microservices are great for many reasons, one of them allows the best tool for the job. Kubernetes allows us to have the same operational standards and procedures even using different languages and solutions. For this blog post, I want to show a simple project I build which is a constellation of services. There are 5 microservices, written in several languages like Scala, Java, Go, Python and Rust. The services do a pretty basic math operation like (+, — , / , *) and the Scala one does the aggregation and orchestrate the other services using a polish notation algorithm and REST calls.

The Video

The Source Code

The complete source code is here on my github.

Diego Pacheco

Originally published at on March 12, 2020.

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