Running Netflix Dynomite and Dynomite-Manager at AWS Cloud

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Netflix Dynomite is Kick Ass Generic Dynamo implementation for K/V Stores. Recently Netflix released the Dynomite-Manager at he NetflixOSS Meetup Season 4 Episode 2. Dynomite and Dynomite-Manager are Rock Solid both are a beautiful piece of engineering work. Dynomite has High Throughput and Low Latency. It gives superpowers to Redis making him Strong Consistent with Quorum like semantics and multi-datacenter. It’s possible to use Dynomite as Cache or as a Data Store.


Dynomite-Manager has neat features like:

  • Cold Bootstrapping
  • S3 Backups and Restores
  • Cluster Management via REST Apis
  • Token Management

NetflixOSS Dynomite and Dynomite-Manager Presentation

Netflix Open Source Meetup Season 4 Episode 2 de aspyker

Getting Started

You can get more details about Dynomite-Manager on this blog post. In this blog post, I will show how to Install Dynomite and Dynomite-Manager step-by-step in the AWS EC2 Cloud. Beware this is reference post you should not use these configs in your production Env. However, this post should help you to get Dynomite Manager up and running :D. So Let’s get Started!

Cheers, Diego Pacheco

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